Monday, November 21, 2011

Luke is ONE!

What?! How did that happen?  This year has passed more quickly than any other year. 
My baby went from this:

to this!

We call him Luker.
He is a happy child who has a smile for everyone.
These days it's the face-wrinkled-up kind of smile, all teeth and scrunchy nose.
He can crawl faster than me.
He bolts for the stairs when the gate is left open.
He has three words - Ball, Bath and Bye.
They all sound like this: BA!
He also says Da-da, Ma-ma and Pa-pa.
He gives high fives and blows kisses.
He adores his big brother.
He has learned how to get his way.
He still has almost no hair, but what's there is blond. (?)
He eats almost as much as me.
Ok, that's not true. I eat a lot. But he eats like a champ.
I love him.

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