Friday, March 11, 2011

Love for Luke

Although Luke is almost four months old now, I wanted to share a few more images from his newborn session when he was six days old.  He has changed and grown so much!  You forget so quickly what they were like when they were so tiny. With all the fatigue and emotions and mostly just trying to get through it, you forget how precious that time was. Newborn photos are so special to me.  Everyone should get them done!

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Stephanie K. said...

So happy to see these again. The one of his furled-up little face squinting up into yours just gets me every time I see it...that primal gaze. If I have another baby, you're HIRED! I have no really good pictures of Margot at that age because things were so chaotic here. I regret that, seeing these. Beautiful boys, those two!